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Dear Friends, We would again like to seek your endorsements to the attached letter of con...


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26-05-2015 Global

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16-05-2015 Global

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Prey Lang advocates call for new forest status


A group of NGOs have asked the government to reassess its granting of economic land concessions in Cambodia’s Prey Lang forest, suggesting the adoptio...

IPHRD Publications

Bangladesh: UPDF kidnaps around 70 persons including 7 women from Longadu while returning home after attending the PCJSS 41st founding anniversary

On 16 February 2013 anti-CHT Accord terrorists of the UPDF kidnapped around 70 persons including members and supporters of the PCJSS and its wing organisations from Joratila area of Kattali bill under Longadu upazila in Rangamati district.
It is reported that on that day early in the morning members and supporters of the PCJSS and its wing organisations numbering around 70 persons including 7 women were returning to their homes in Longadu upazila and Baghaichari upazila by a country-boat after attending the 41st founding anniversary of the PCJSS. The armed group of the UPDF halted them when their country-boat reached at Joratila area of Kattali bill lake area under Longadu upazila in Rangamati district at around 10.00 am. Then the UPDF armed cadres abducted them at gunpoint.
It is learnt that the miscreants took the kidnapped persons towards Ukchari area of Kattali union under Longadu upazila. On the way, the terrorists left 8 persons including 6 women at Ukchari village.
PCJSS brought out procession in Rangamati town at around 2:00 pm on 16 February protesting against kidnapping unarmed persons by the UPDF armed cadres. PCJSS demanded to rescue the kidnapped persons and to ban UPDF immediately.
The names of 47 persons out of 70 kidnapped persons have been found. They are-
Longadu Upazila-
1. Mr. Moni Shankar Chakma (35), son of Birendra Lal Chakma, village- Baradam;
2. Mr. Jasho Chakma (25), Longadu;
3. Mr. Binoy Sadhan Chakma (23), Longadu;
4. Mr. Bhumitra Chakma, Longadu;
5. Mr. Amar Bikash Chakma, Longadu;
6. Mr. Antar Chakma (18), son of Smriti Bikash Chakma, village- Dadi Para;
7. Ms. Ashika Chakma (19), student of Longadu Rabeta college;
8. Ms. Ankhi Chakma (18), student of Longadu Rabeta college;
9. Mr. Suin Chakma, Longadu;
10. Mr. Atom Chakma, son of Surjya Chakma, Longadu;
11. Mr. Bijoy Chakma, son of Chigon Chan Chakma, Longadu;
12. Mr. Milan Chakma (30), son of Ranjit Karbari, Organising Secretary Jubo Samiti, Longadu;
13. Mr. Dayal Kanti Chakma (20), student of Longadu Rabeta College;
14. Mr. Rijen Chakma, Longadu;
15. Mr. Shubho Shanti Chakma (28), son of Barun Kumar Chakma, Shanti Nagar, Gulshakhali;
16. Mr. Mension Chakma Milan (32), son of Sushanta Chakma, Shanti Nagar, Gulshakhali;
17. Mr. Sukhamoy Chakma (52)
Baghaichari Upazila-
1. Mr. Krishna Moni Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
2. Mr. Sukra Moni Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
3. Mr. Laxmi Shankar Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
4. Mr. Shanti Kumar Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
5. Mr. Suresh Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
6. Mr. Mrigasona Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
7. Mr. Shanti Lal Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
8. Mr. Kamini Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
9. Mr. Ugramoni Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
10. Mr. Laxmimoni Chakma, Returnee Member of PCJSS;
11. Mr. Binoy Kanti Chakma Bitu, local resident
12. Mr. Nayan Bikash Chakma, local resident
13. Mr. Indrajoy Chakma, local resident
14. Mr. Birabahu Chakma, local resident
15. Mr. Nilachandra Chakma, local resident
16. Mr. Buddhankur Chakma, local resident
17. Mr. Radhika Moni Chakma, local resident
18. Manik Chakma, local resident
19. Darpab bap, local resident
20. Nihar Bindu Chakma, Sarboyatoli union
21. Dayal Bindu Chakma, local resident
22. Khokan Chakma, Baghaichari
23. Palak Chakma, local resident
24. Nihar Bindu Chakma, local resident
25. Lalit Ranjan Chakma, Sarboyatoli union
26. Bhumitra Chakma, Baghaichari
27. Chiranjib Chakma, Dighinala
28. Arun Chandra Chakma, Uttor Sijak
29. Chandra Shekhar Chakma, Sarboyatoli
30. Mrs. Sona Chakma, w/o Dharani Moy Chakma, Baghaichari

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